16 August 2018
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Tabriz is one of the largest cities and historical capitals of Iran and the capital of East Azerbaijan Province. The City of Tabriz has an area of 324 km2 (125 sq mi) and is situated at an altitude of 1,350 meters. Tabriz is located in a valley to the north of the long ridge of the volcanic cone of Sahand, south of Eynali Mountain. The valley opens out into a plain that slopes gently down to the northern end of Lake Urmia. The city is considered a summer resort because of temperate summers. The estimated population of the city is around 1,600,000 based on the results of Iranian Census Bureau. Its people speak Azeri Turkish. Tabriz International Airport, Train, and Bus Services facilitate travels for both domestic and international destinations. There are several historical monuments retaining their colorful past and architecture. Some of them are: Blue Mosque, Ali Shah Ark (mosque), Jameh Mosque, Historical Bazaar, the House of Constitution, the Tomb of Kamals, Aji Chai Bridge, Azerbaijan Museum, EI-Goli, Municipality Building, and the Building of Sahand Architecture School. Tabriz also gets the name of "The city of the first ones" in Iran. It has pioneered establishment of the first printing house (with Islamic writing), the first school and the first kindergarten, the first school for the blind and the deaf; the compilation and publication of the first book for children; the development of Nastaliq handwriting method; the publication of the first newspaper and the establishment of the first university in Iran. Establishment of a university in Tabriz dates back to more than 700 years ago, when Khajeh Rashiduddin Fazlollah, the minister of Ghazan Khan, established a big academic quarter named Rabe Rashidi in Tabriz. This scientific and educational complex was equipped with a big paper factory, a big library, an educational -medical center (Dar-Al-Shafa), Dar-Al-Quran, a residence facility for teachers (Olama's Quarter), student's quarter, big caravanserais and other facilities.


A Brief History of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences

Tabriz University of Medical Sciences (TUOMS) was founded in 1946 and is affiliated to the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education. It is one of the most prestigious medical universities in Iran and in the region. TUOMS is a state medical university located in Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Province and has always been actively involved not only in medical education, research and providing healthcare and medical services, but also it is the main officially responsible organizational body in charge of healthcare supervision and policy making at provincial level. At the same time TUOMS has been designated by the Ministry of Health as the scientific leadership and Center of Excellence in North-West of Iran. This university offers a wide range of opportunities and excellent facilities for study and research in medical fields and is a nationally recognized high profile institution that provides a superior education, research and medical services to the community. TUOMS is the home campus for national programs in such medical fields as Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Health, Nutrition, Management and Informatics, Nursery & Midwifery, Paramedicine, Rehabilitation and Advanced Sciences. As one of the outstanding medical research universities in Iran, TUOMS also tries to encourage researchers and facilitate their needs in order to attain its research and academic goals. The university tries to fulfill its three important missions, namely Research, Education, Healthcare and Medical Services through its seven vice chancellors.